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Enteric Coating
Neha Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. served pharmaceutical companies with its range of products, that also include enteric coating. This polymer barrier is created on oral medicines that remains stable in acid found in stomach.

Ultracoat Film Coating System
Ultracoat Film Coating System is used in pharmaceutical industries for providing a layer or coating to the tablets in order to make them smooth in texture. It is easy as well as safe to use.
Tablet Coating Film
Film Coated Tablet is known for its purity, reliability, easy usage and long lasting shelf life. It is used for applying a coat on tablets in order to give them a polished look and smooth surface.

Tablet Coating Powder
We welcome pharmaceutical companies to buy essential raw material for their production processes. Tablet coating powder is one important powdered material that is coated over tablets to protect them as well mask their original taste.
Ultracoat Moisture Barrier
Ultracoat Moisture Barrier helps in preventing its dissolution in the gastric environment. This coating is very much liked and appreciated by our people in the market, for its high quality. This coating is clinically tested under various parameters to ensure its flawlessness and effectiveness.

Film Coating
Film Coating is very effective and protect from light, temperature and moisture. This coating helps in masking undesirable taste, improving the appearance, facilitating swallow and great to use. This coating is very easy to use and safe too. This coating provides effective way to consume these tablets. 

Moisture Barrier

Moisture barrier film coating powder is useful in protecting any medicinal composition against moisture ingress. Uniform spreading capacity, standard shelf life, and non-aqueous content are the key features of this product range.

Tablet Coatings

Tablet-shining coat materials have a significant role in extending the storage life of specific pharmaceutical formulations. The coat materials are effective in improving the visual clarity of medicines by forming a thin protective layer on the tablet surface.

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